General Quiz

Which country won the first Twenty -20 cricket World cup .?

Who is the former captain of Indian cricket team ,who has been inducted into the Legends Club Hall of Fame.?

Which private airline company in India has launched ' Akhiri Ahuti ' a social service under which the airline would carry free of cost the bodies of Northeast residents who die in Delhi ,to their homes.?

Which country has abolished visa-on-arrival facility for Indians with effect from 23 January 2017.?

Which public sector bank of India has installed its ATM on Indi's largest and latest aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya.?

Which European country has decided to completely replace its FM radio with Digital Audio Broadcasting by December 2017.?

Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar Award,?

What is the meaning of the word ' inquilab '

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC),the World's largest and highest energy particle accelerator is situated at which organization.?

Which toxic gas was the first to be used in chemical war fare in World war 1