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First Asian Games were held in which city.?

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First Asian games were held in 1951

Garuda Airways is the airline company of which country.?

Where is the head quarters of Universal Postal Union.?

In which year Reserve Bank of India was nationalised.?

Who created the fictional superhero character Batman.?

Who was the designer of AK 47 gun.?

Which state has become the first in India to opt for electronic transmission of postal ballot.?

Justice Karnan,who has been issued a contempt of notice for levelling allegations of corruption against the Supreme court and Madras High court judges,is a sitting judge of which High court.?

The payment of Wages (Amendment ) Bill 2017 passed in Loksabha on february7.2017 seeks to amend which Act

Which Indian state has become the first to introduce cashless system for Public Distribution System of food grains.?