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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and payment system invented by an programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto.Its a peer to peer system and transactions take place between users directly.These transactions are recorded in a public distributed ledger known as Blockchain.What is the name of smallest unit of Bitcoin.?

The Lotus temple is the worship place of Bahai religion.It is notable and attractive for its flower like shape located in New delhi.Who is the architect of Lotus temple.?

Which is the longest river in Europe.?.The river is 2290 miles long and located entirely in Russia

SAI sanctuary is the only private sanctuary in India.It is a Save Animal Initiative spread over an area of 1.2 square km.It is managed by SAI sanctuary trust,headed by Anil Malhotra and Pamela.In which Indian state SAI sanctuary is located.?

French revolution is known as the Mother of all Revolution.It led to the end of Monarchy.Napolean Bonaparte took power and King Louis XVI was executed.In which year the French Revolution took place

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Napolean Bonaparte is known as the child of French revolution

The singing Revolution is a commonly used term for events between 1987 and 1991 that led to the restoration of Independence of three countries.Which are these three countries.?

Kohinoor diamond ,The British got this when they conquered Punjab in a battle.In which year the battle took place

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Now Kohinoor diamond is in the hands of British Royal family.It is 106 carats diamond. Kohinoor is on display in the tower of London with crown jewels.Meaning of the name Kohinoor is Mountain of Light

This is Monarch Butterfly migration,one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world.In which country we can see this Butterfly phenomena

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Scientific name of Monarch Butterfly is Danaus plexippus

Which Prime minister of independent India did hoist the tricolour flag at Red fort more times

This is the biggest dam in the world named Three gorges dam.It has the largest power station in terms of its installed capacity.In which country it is situated