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Government of India launched a service in february 2015 to secure a dedicated personal electronic space for storing the documents of resident Indians.What is the name of that service

Ishihara test is a Pseudo Isochrmoatic Plate test used to detect which defect of Human eyes

European Union is a politico-economic union of 28 states located in Europe.In which year European Union was formed

Who is the first Indian to get Pulitzer prize

Broadcast Yourself is the tagline of a Giant Internet Company.Which is that company

Hawa Mahal ,known as the Palace of Winds is one of the prominent tourist attractions in India.In which city Hawa Mahal is located

Which is the first Newspaper in India to receive Foreign Direct Investment.

Newspapers known as the fourth estates of the society.They play an important role in shaping the course of politics and an important force in government. Who coined the term Fourth Estate

Who is the founder of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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BBC was formed in 1922.Its head quarters is London

Gadsby is the name of a 50000 word Novel.The peculiarity of this novel is, which was written without using the letter E.Who is the author of this Novel