Atherosclerosis is a blood circulation problem,resulting from accumulation of fatty deposits in the walls of the blood vessels,especially arteries.Over a period of time,the arterial walls harden and lose their elasticity.Arteries are primarily affected by atherosclerosis.Complication of atherosclerosis include cardio-vascular disease and heart attack.


Cloning is the process of producing similar populations of genetically identical individuals.The word ' clone' was derived from the Greek.Its meaning is twig.Ian Wilmut is known as the father of cloning.Dolly the sheep was the first mammal to have been succesfully cloned by the scientists.Dolly was cloned at Roslin Institute in Scotland by the scientists Ian Wilmut and Keith Champbell in 1996.Following the success of cloning of Dolly,many mammals were cloned at various science labs across the world.

Following are the  names of first cloned animals.

1.Cat - Copy cat

2.Horse - Prometea

3.Dog - Snuppy

3.Rat - Ralph

4.Goat - Mira 

Louis pasteur

Louis pasteur (1822-1895)

Louis pasteur was a french chemist and microbiologist famous for his discoveries on vaccination,pasteurization and microbial fermentation.He created vaccines for rabies and anthrax.Louis pasteur was born on 27 december in France.In 1848 he was appointed to the chair of chemistry in the faculty of sciences of the University of Stratsbourg.Louis pasteur demonstrated that fermentation is caused by the growth of micro organisms.He produced first vaccine for rebies bt growing the virusin rabbits and then weakening it by drying the affected nerve tissues.This vaccine was first used on a 9 year old boy on 6 july 1885 after the boy was badly attacked by a rabid dog.This was done at some personal risk for Pasteur.Since he was not a licensed physician and could have faced prosecution for treating the boy.many people raised eyebrows over this ethicless move.But Louis pasteur went ahead with the treatment.After three months Pasteur examined the boy and found he was in good health.It was a apaplauding success .People welcomed Louis pasteur as hero.

          Many governments and universities honoured Pasteur for his great achievment.