World War 1

World War 1: First world war known as the Great war originated in Europe.world war 1 started on 28 july 1914 and ended on 11 November 1918.Around 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians died in world war 1.The immediate cause of the war wass the assassination of Archduke Franz ferdinand of Austria by a Yugoslav nationalist Gavrilo principin Sarajavo street on 28th june 1914.The assassined was the heir to throne of Austria and Hungary.Angried and hurt Angro-Hungarians declared a war on Serbia.Then the Russian army mobilised in support of Serbia.As the crisis deepens Germany invaded into Belgium and Luxemberg.After gaining hold over,Germans marched towards Paris to conquer France.This prompted United Kingdom to daclare war against Germany.All this led to a war between Central Powers and Allies.Central powers include Germany,Austria,Hungary.Allies consist of Russia,France and United Kingdom.As the war ravages several casualties happened in both sides.Central powers started to welt down.On 4th november 1918,the Austro-Hungarian empire agreed to stop war.And then Germany too.Triumphant Allies captured more territories as their colonies.This led to the end of world war 1.

Battle of Plassey - 1757

Battle of Plassey was a major battle that took  place on 23 June 1757 in Bengal.Siraj ud - Daulah the Nawab of Bengal was defeated by the British East Indian company army led by Robert Clive.The disturbances between the Nawab and the British led tho this battle.Without the approval of the Nawab the British army strengthened the fortification at Fort William and they violated the trade privileges granted to them by the mugal rulers.All this caused heavy loss of revenue to the government.All this actions drew the ire of the Nawab.So he ordered the British to stop all military strengthening at Fort William.But the British rejected the demands of Siraj ud-Daula.In june 1756 Siraj captured the Fort William using his force.Hurted British sent more soldiers to Kolkata and started attacking Nawab.But Nawab had more soldiers than the British.So he gained lead in the battle.Worried British army planned a conspiracy to dislodge the Nawab.They succeeded in this move.The army leader of Siraj ,Mir Jafar was defected to the British.This helped the British to defeat Siraj ud -Daula in the battle.Eventually Siraj fled the battlefield.As a reward of treachery Mir Jafar was made the Nawab of Bengal by the British general Robert Clive.